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Pea Fowl are notoriously social creatures, preferring to be around others, showing off their beautiful plumage and chatting it up with their friends. We totally feel the same! And let's face it - the world could use a little more good news, so we're going to try our best to do that!

Through our two community giving programs, Nest Egg and Free As A Bird, we spread some color and joy across our community and help local groups and organizations raise money to change lives and fulfill their missions. And the best part? YOU are a big part of these programs! 

Tips received from our customers keep our Free As A Bird program flying high, helping us donate daily displays to worthy groups. And our Nest Egg program gives cash back directly to our flock friends through group discounts. 

Community Giving: Work


Our Nest Egg program has two key components, with both offering groups and organizations a unique way to celebrate and also put a little jingle in the bank account. 

For example, a local dance studio partnered with Peacock Announcements to produce spirit signs for its annual recital. With so much turmoil happening in the world, we wanted to be sure each dancer felt special. We designed a yard sign featuring the recital's theme, created a custom digital page for secure ordering (with preferred pricing), handled the orders and then gave a portion of each sale back to the studio. The studio helped promote through its communications channels, and the signs were available for pick-up at the studio during recital week. 

Groups and organizations can also partner with Peacock Announcements to promote our daily yard rentals; we'll create a unique discount code for your group, you promote it, and the group receives 15% from each booking. 

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